The All-Round Musician

How to create a sustainable career in the music business


Musicians love to make music, but most are struggling to make a decent living from their creativity and passion alone. The thing is, it doesn’t have to be this way…

It’s no longer enough to write good music or have a stellar voice to earn an income. Musicians need to know their industry and have the business and legal knowledge to get fair shot at success. Effectively running a business can be intimidating, but this book provides a clear pathway for musicians at all stages of their career.

This easy-to-use guide helps musicians understand how to thrive in their business so they can do more of what they love. This book helps you easily identify red flags around people, business proposals, and legal agreements in the music industry.

  • Build a professional music business: establish, organise, and protect a brand off- and online, and stay sane in the process
  • Understand business partners: their role, interests, and what they can do for you
  • Learn about copyrights and neighbouring rights and how you can use them
  • Create successful contracts: they’re give and take so make sure they represent everyone’s interests
  • Sell your music: get to grips music commercialisation rights and how you – and the people representing you – make money from your work

The All-Round Musician gives practical advice on the fundamental principles of the music industry, broken down into simple language and visualisations.

If you feel overwhelmed by the business side of music or find yourself searching for information on music business matters, this book is for you.

Additional information

This book is written from a European and, more particularly, Dutch legal perspective. Nonetheless, readers outside Europe can benefit from this book as it explores general customs and systems underpinning the global music industry. The author recommends consulting a legal professional for detailed advice in other territories.


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Publication Date
8 December, 2021
160 x 240 mm
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Praise for...

This book is extremely beneficial for musicians of every level interested in understanding the business of their business. The way it’s explained makes it an easy read, so everything's much easier to grasp.

Josh PaulBass guitarist/songwriter/artist

As an artist, you're most concerned with creating, but basic legal knowledge is a must! This book gives you peace of mind and certainty; it helps you know where you stand in the business.

Do van HulstSinger-songwriter

I meet people every day who are confused about the inner workings of the music business. This book is a comprehensive must-have guide for anyone serious about working in the industry, both students and seasoned professionals.

Robin ReumersFounder Leapwing, director Abbey Road Institute Miami

This book provides excellent overview of key legal and non-legal concepts and considerations in the music industry today. This is an essential read for all artists to make sure they understand the business side of their craft.

Sarah M. MatzAttorney-at-law, owner/Partner Adelman Matz P.C., New York

The All-round Musician Playlist

In the book many musical references and examples are used to explain or illustrate legal concepts. This playlist contains all the music referred to in The All-Round Musician. To experience the book in full, it is recommended to use he playlist while reading the book. Also, there’s some great songs included!

Meet Bindu

Bindu De Knock is an Amsterdam-based attorney-at-law specialising in music, entertainment, and intellectual property law. Her international practice focuses on advising, contracting, litigating and negotiating for professionals in the creative industries including artists, DJs, songwriters and producers.

In her spare time, Bindu is a musician, producer, and hosts a podcast about the music industry. Driven by a desire to see creatives succeed in the professional world, Bindu also lectures at renowned private music educational institutions, conservatories and is a regular guest speaker at international music conferences.

Why I wrote the book:

“In my legal practice, masterclasses, and from speaking with people I noticed that there were recurring questions, so I gathered these questions over the years and decided to collect the answers in one complete guide to help musicians advance their professional careers. Today’s musician needs to be an allrounder.”