The All-Round Musician

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This book is written from a European and, more particularly, Dutch legal perspective. Nonetheless, readers outside Europe can benefit from this book as it explores general customs and systems underpinning the global music industry. The author recommends consulting a legal professional for detailed advice in other territories.

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Musicians love to make music, but most are struggling to make a decent living from their creativity and passion alone. The thing is, it doesn’t have to be this way…

It’s no longer enough to write good music or have a stellar voice to earn an income. Musicians need to know their industry and have the business and legal knowledge to get fair shot at success. Effectively running a business can be intimidating, but this book provides a clear pathway for musicians at all stages of their career.

This easy-to-use guide helps musicians understand how to thrive in their business so they can do more of what they love. This book helps you easily identify red flags around people, business proposals, and legal agreements in the music industry.

  • Build a professional music business: establish, organise, and protect a brand off- and online, and stay sane in the process
  • Understand business partners: their role, interests, and what they can do for you
  • Learn about copyrights and neighbouring rights and how you can use them
  • Create successful contracts: they’re give and take so make sure they represent everyone’s interests
  • Sell your music: get to grips music commercialisation rights and how you – and the people representing you – make money from your work

The All-Round Musician gives practical advice on the fundamental principles of the music industry, broken down into simple language and visualisations.

If you feel overwhelmed by the business side of music or find yourself searching for information on music business matters, this book is for you.


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8 December, 2021
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